Car Keys On Insurance Papers

Tips For Low Car Insurance On Your First Year

An exciting milestone in your life is when you are approaching your practical driving test or have recently passed, and it is time to start to look for your first car. Buying your first car is probably one of the most significant purchases you have made so far in your life, so of course, you…

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Advanced Driver Training Courses For You To Capitalise On

If you’re new to driving and have recently passed your driving test, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking that that’s it. However, it really is only just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more available to learn. Typical Additional Courses When you pass your driving test you will receive a full…

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I Want to Become a Driving Instructor – Here’s How

Tired of a boring 9-5 office job? Then a new career as a driving instructor could be a step in the right direction. However, you can’t simply get behind the wheel of dual controlled vehicles and start the search for pupils. To teach pupils how to drive, you need to be a qualified ADI. This…

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What’s So Good About Gaining Your Driving Licence?

For most of a young persons teenage years they rely on the help of a parent or family friend to run them around whether that be to the local shopping centre, football training, swimming classes, the gym – you name it, they have done it. However, towards the latter stages of teenage life they have…

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Fall in Love with Driving Lessons This Valentines

It’s that time of the year again for those loved up couple all over the country to express their feelings publically for one another. As always, year after year, boyfriends and partners across the country will be running to source the best bunch of red roses that they can find, but why not consider something…

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Driving Lessons for Anxiety

Help With Driving Lessons for Anxiety

It can be incredibly nerve-racking learning to drive at the best of times, however, learning to drive with a genuine phobia or bouts of anxiety can certainly make it seem worse than it is. The important thing to remember when you are learning to drive is that the person next to you is well qualified…

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Pass minibus driving test

Understanding Driving Licence Categories and the Limits

Unfortunately, you cannot simply get behind the wheel of any old vehicle. Certain vehicles require a specific driving licence category to be valid on your driving licence. For example, if you wanted to tow a trailer over a specific weight or MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) you would need to obtain a B+E driving licence. There…

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