Vehicle Inspection Report

Car maintenance you must know for your first car

One of the most important parts of owning a car is learning how to maintain the vehicle regularly, so it stays in tip-top condition. By making a comprehensive vehicle maintenance checklist, you will ensure your vehicle is running a lot more efficiently as well as being safe for you to drive. One of the most…

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Car Keys On Insurance Papers

Tips For Low Car Insurance On Your First Year

An exciting milestone in your life is when you are approaching your practical driving test or have recently passed, and it is time to start to look for your first car. Buying your first car is probably one of the most significant purchases you have made so far in your life, so of course, you…

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Examiner Writing On Test Sheet

How To Avoid Failing Your First Driving Test

Of course, when it comes to taking your practical test, every learner wants to smash their test and pass first time with ease. The eagerness to get on the roads independently increases the closer you get to your test date. Unfortunately, although pass rates for driving schools are pretty high, it is next to impossible…

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Driving Instructor Guiding Pupil

10 Top Tips For Your First Driving Lesson

Throughout our childhood, we continuously talk about the time where we finally gain independence and can start to take driving lessons. The skills required to operate a vehicle tend to be those in which you haven’t really had to use before and having the ability to coordinate your body to move at different times can…

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Make Sure Your Headlights Are Safe

Our cars are something that we all take for granted, and unless there’s a serious fault we don’t tend to spot signs of general wear and tear. We need to make sure that all of our cars parts are working correctly and that is usually completed through regular MOT testing and annual servicing. However, something…

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Advanced Driver Training Courses For You To Capitalise On

If you’re new to driving and have recently passed your driving test, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking that that’s it. However, it really is only just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more available to learn. Typical Additional Courses When you pass your driving test you will receive a full…

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I Want to Become a Driving Instructor – Here’s How

Tired of a boring 9-5 office job? Then a new career as a driving instructor could be a step in the right direction. However, you can’t simply get behind the wheel of dual controlled vehicles and start the search for pupils. To teach pupils how to drive, you need to be a qualified ADI. This…

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What’s So Good About Gaining Your Driving Licence?

For most of a young persons teenage years they rely on the help of a parent or family friend to run them around whether that be to the local shopping centre, football training, swimming classes, the gym – you name it, they have done it. However, towards the latter stages of teenage life they have…

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How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

This is a question many young drivers ask themselves as they begin to learn how to drive. Driving instructors are often asked this question on either the first or second driving lesson simply because the pupil would like to save as much money as possible and to pass their driving test quicker. However, it’s important…

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Fall in Love with Driving Lessons This Valentines

It’s that time of the year again for those loved up couple all over the country to express their feelings publically for one another. As always, year after year, boyfriends and partners across the country will be running to source the best bunch of red roses that they can find, but why not consider something…

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