What’s So Good About Gaining Your Driving Licence?

What’s So Good About Gaining Your Driving Licence?

For most of a young persons teenage years they rely on the help of a parent or family friend to run them around whether that be to the local shopping centre, football training, swimming classes, the gym – you name it, they have done it.

However, towards the latter stages of teenage life they have the opportunity of learning to drive and take a series of driving lessons Ilford to help them gain a sense of freedom and do their own thing.

So what is so good about learning to drive and getting a driving licence?

Great Things About Driving

At first – young people can struggle with the concept of driving and this is where the quality of the driving instructor really does come into play. Qualified driving instructors in Milton Keynes provide lessons on a daily basis to help students get to a test standard. This then puts them in the best possible position to pass their driving test first time.


We asked a pupil that learnt to drive with us a little over 6 months ago what it was like driving and how it has help them in the late teenage years. This is was he had to say.

“Learning to drive was the best thing that I ever did. Before I passed my test and got my driving licence I was using public transport – busses, trains, coaches, you name it I was on it!

Since I passed my test I have been able to get myself to a lot more social events without relying on my folks for lifts. I have even managed to get interviews for jobs that pay a significantly larger amount than what I currently earn which is fantastic.”

Sense of Maturity

Driving a vehicle that weighs a few tones comes with a lot of responsibility. A s a result of passing their tests a few more of our previous students all agreed that driving a car on their own made them more aware and more mature.

This is a massive bonus for those that are looking to secure additional training or new employment opportunities. After all – an employer doesn’t want to hire an immature worker.

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