Advanced Driver Training Courses For You To Capitalise On

Advanced Driver Training Courses For You To Capitalise On

If you’re new to driving and have recently passed your driving test, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking that that’s it. However, it really is only just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more available to learn.

Typical Additional Courses

When you pass your driving test you will receive a full UK driving licence that allows you to legally drive category B vehicles. These are commonly known as everyday cars.

However, there are a number of categories available for you to gain, either now or in the future. Each additional category you gain allows you to drive a different type of vehicle – these could be larger, wider and considerably heavier than standard cars – hence why you need the additional training.

Trailer training and towing:

When it comes to towing a trailer legally you need to understand a few things. First things first – it is a new category and you will be required to complete the necessary trailer training courses and final examination before you can legally tow a trailer.

To be able to tow a trailer, you need to have obtained the B+E category on your driving licence. You will need to work with a local DVSA approved instructor to take you through the process of the course and test.

Once you have successfully passed the course, you will know how to tow safely, carry a horsebox and even tow a caravan if needs be.

HGV and LGV training courses:

There are many vehicles on the road that transport commercial goods to and from multiple locations, including ports and airfields from across Europe and the rest of the world.

However, in order to drive a large vehicle such as a HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) you will need to complete the required 7.5 tonne driver training course – once complete you’ll be able to work for organisations and operate as a courier for businesses.

To gain a HGV licence, you must successfully enrol and complete a category C1 training course. However, you will only need to complete one of these courses should you have gained your driving licence after January 1997.

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