Vehicle Inspection Report

Car maintenance you must know for your first car

One of the most important parts of owning a car is learning how to maintain the vehicle regularly, so it stays in tip-top condition. By making a comprehensive vehicle maintenance checklist, you will ensure your vehicle is running a lot more efficiently as well as being safe for you to drive. One of the most…

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Make Sure Your Headlights Are Safe

Our cars are something that we all take for granted, and unless there’s a serious fault we don’t tend to spot signs of general wear and tear. We need to make sure that all of our cars parts are working correctly and that is usually completed through regular MOT testing and annual servicing. However, something…

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Driving in Traffic

Driving on a Busy Road

If you are learning to drive, then learning to drive on a busy road is something that will definitely benefit you. There are a lot of dangers that needs to be avoided when driving in a traffic jam, and as a new driver you need to be aware, in our article we will be covering…

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Buying your first car

Once you pass your driving test, the obvious thing to do is look to buy your first car. If you are buying a car that is more than 3 years old the car may not have any warranty left. Buying a car with warranty has it’s benefits. If something like the gearbox or electrics go…

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What to do in an accident once you’ve passed

Passing your driving test is very exciting but driving for the first time can be daunting and many mistakes can occur that can put yourself and the vehicle in danger. Many drivers go through accidents but when you are new to the road, knowing what to do can be tricky. You may have to undertake…

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