Driving on a Busy Road

Driving on a Busy Road

If you are learning to drive, then learning to drive on a busy road is something that will definitely benefit you. There are a lot of dangers that needs to be avoided when driving in a traffic jam, and as a new driver you need to be aware, in our article we will be covering the following topics:

  • 1. Clutch control

  • 2. Finding a Gap

  • 3. Defensive Driving

  • 4. Leaving Space

  • 5. Leaving it to the Professionals

For more on tips on ‘Driving on a Busy Road’, read our article!

Busy Roads

When there is a traffic jam drivers tend to get impatient, and as a new driver it can be very scary and frustrating, so it’s important that you know how you can manoeuvre your way around a traffic jam and keeping safe while doing it. Read to find out more!

Clutch control

When learning to drive, you will have definitely been taught how to work the clutch. In a traffic jam, your skills on how you can use the clutch will be put to the test. During a traffic jam, there will be a lot of stopping and starting, so knowing exactly when to stop and start is essential if you want to avoid a minor car accident. Modern vehicles have stop-start technology, meaning the vehicle will stop when you are at a stand-still and will start once the clutch is activated, signalling you are about to move again. This technology is efficient as it’s an excellent way to save fuel.

Finding a gap

Hesitation is something that all learners deal with. In a traffic jam, it’s important to know that you need to keep calm and to know the right time and place to pull out into a gap. Pulling into a small gap is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs, and pulling into a gap that is just right without hesitation is important. Being able to keep up with the flow of the traffic is something you are taught when learning to drive.

When turning into a junction look out for spaces in the traffic flow, which you can fit into safely. Your number one priority should be to wait to pull out safely into a gap, but you might see some drivers signalling to let you out if the traffic is moving slowly. However, do not assume it’s safe to pull out if a driver signals you to do so, always check yourself before pulling out from a side road or junction.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a skill all learners should be taught throughout their learning experience. Being a defensive driver essentially means you should expect the unexpected and should be prepared for whatever scenario the road throws at you. One scenario to expect in heavy traffic is people driving in front of you.

Like mentioned before, traffic can make people impatient, so it’s not uncommon to spot drivers trying to squeeze into tight spaces to try and beat the traffic jam. You also need to look out for pedestrians crossing the road, and always use your mirrors so you can be aware of your surroundings.

Leaving Space

You need to ensure that you are leaving enough space between you and the vehicle in front. Sometimes you might find that the speed of the traffic can be erratic and it can quickly pick up pace or quickly slow down. To avoid crashing into the vehicle in front, make sure there is enough room for the both of you to manoeuvre efficiently.

If the space between you and the vehicle in front is too small, it may leave you with less time to react when the traffic picks up the pace or slows down. The recommended space between you and the vehicle in front is a 2-second gap. Leaving a 2 -second gap leaves enough stopping distance between you and the vehicle, keeping you both safe.

Leaving it to the Professionals

If you are a learner, and you are not fully confident with your driving skills, then why not get someone else that is fully licensed to drop you off at your destination.

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