Buying your first car

Buying your first car


Once you pass your driving test, the obvious thing to do is look to buy your first car. If you are buying a car that is more than 3 years old the car may not have any warranty left.

Buying a car with warranty has it’s benefits. If something like the gearbox or electrics go wrong, their is a very high chance your car will be covered under it’s warranty. The question has to be asked though, what is the likelihood something like the gearbox or electrics will go wrong in the first three years.

New cars lose their value quickly within the first 2-3 years

The other thing to bare in mind is a new car that is fresh out of the oven will lose a lot of it’s value in the first 2-3 years. If you are taking your driving lessons in London, just ask your driving instructor. So if you have money to throw away or you can afford it then a new car will have less mechanical problems, however you will instantly lose around 20% the moment you drive the car off the forecourt.

So if you are buying your first car with the mindset you only want it for 1-2 years then be prepared to lose a lot of money.


Buying a used car for your first car

Obviously this is the way forwards if you are looking for a bargain or value for money. You have the opportunity to haggle the price down and often you may find people desperate for a quick sell.


1. Facebook Buy and Sell pages: Often people selling their cars on here will be desperate or they don’t the true value of the car. You will find cars that are a bargain and also see cars where the owners value the car more than what it is actually worth too.

2. Car Auctions: You can grab some great bargains at an action you can also buy some cars their problems. Most auctions allow you to visit 1-2 days prior to bidding to look at the car. It’s worth taking a local car mechanic with you to get a heads up. Paying a local mechanic £50 for their time could save you hundreds/thousands on a bargain or it could cost you if you buy an old dog.

3. Autotrader: If your open minded about what car you are looking for then you can often find a bargain on here. Be careful though, there are often some wheeler dealers that will sell cars that have been clocked or have no physical service history, however, the service book has been stamped accordingly. To someone who doesn’t know their cars very well, it’s worth consulting a mechanic again when you go to view any of these potential bargains.

4. Ask your driving instructor: If your taking your driving lessons in Milton Keynes then keep asking your instructor if they know of any cars coming up for sale. This is a great way of buying a good value car with a safe history. Driving instructors often know a good dealer or a friend who is selling something.


If you worried about the history or car servicing of a car then a local garage based in Milton Keynes offers an inspection at a minimal cost. Unit 18 Provide car servicing, MOTs in Milton Keynes and more.

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