Help With Driving Lessons for Anxiety

Help With Driving Lessons for Anxiety

It can be incredibly nerve-racking learning to drive at the best of times, however, learning to drive with a genuine phobia or bouts of anxiety can certainly make it seem worse than it is. The important thing to remember when you are learning to drive is that the person next to you is well qualified and experienced, otherwise they would never be there.

Fortunately, if you do struggle with anxiety, we can provide some help with driving lessons for anxiety sufferers.

Learn to Drive With Anxiety

Of course, having the responsibility of handling a vehicle on active roads can be a little unsettling (even for the more experienced drivers with valid licences). The single most important thing you can do as a student is to do your best to remain calm. The more you panic and stress, the more anxious you will become.

A good way to try and reduce your anxiety levels is by practising some breathing techniques before you begin your lessons. These have proven to help stressed drivers, relax and calm down before long journeys. Alternatively, you can try organic remedies such as Rescue Remedy. After looking into this, previous students have tried this and the results have generally been quite positive.

If you get anxious, learning to drive in busy cities probably isn’t a good idea. However, if you do have to take your driving lessons in London ask your instructor to spend more time on specific routes until you are completely comfortable with the area. The downside to this of course is the fact that you will end up spending more on driving lessons. Experienced driving instructors in London will be able to navigate you through the tricky routes and take you out on lessons when the traffic is at its least active.

Hopefully you have found this short guide useful. If you have any questions on learning to drive or would like to book driving lessons, you can contact us for further information.

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